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My most satisfying consulting moments happen when I am facilitating a group of people to bring a vision of social change to reality.   Every engagement is unique because every group is driven by their specific passion for equity and social justice.  Every group has a distinct set of skills and resources from which to innovate for their unique community.  I am grateful for those who do not let the complexity of the social challenges that confront us limit what they believe is possible.  Working alongside congregations, nonprofits, and institutions of higher ed for over twenty years, I have acquired a diverse toolkit with which to guide your team as you implement the vision for social change that compels you!

I am eager to learn about your project. 

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Services and Trainings

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The methods I use are people-centered and include: 

  • Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) 

  • Appreciative Inquiry 

  • Theory U

  • Design Thinking

  • Participatory Research and Action

  • Social Networking

  • Liberating Structures

  • Developmental Evaluation 

All these approaches value the wisdom and experience of the people closest to the opportunity for change and puts them at the center. 

Communities Served

I have facilitated change efforts with neighborhood-based groups; public libraries; nonprofit start-ups; seminaries; churches; and systems working across multiple stakeholders.  No matter what your sector or sphere of influence, your social change effort will benefit from a people-centered approach. 

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